. . . your power source since 2003
Generating from The Haight in San Francisco, bad-boy 'sleaze-rocker' Ron Yocom (guitars/boy vocals) and industrial goth priestess Sarine Voltage (keyboards/programming/girl vocals) band together to make the "Now Wave" hip-pop sounds of The Power of 3.
          *   *   *
Ron’s hard-rock riffing slices through Sarine’s mood-setting melodic keyboards as they trade off lead and backing vocals--the programmed drums and bass are tight, giving the impression that a full-tilt rhythm section is backing them.

Prolific songwriters, the lyrical content hits as real, unique, and cleverly delivered. The P.O.T.  promotes love and peace, having fun, making magick, and being/thinking for yourself. In live performances, the energy generated is magnitudinal, primal, and commands attention
as this  dynamic duo rip through their now 60+ song repertoire of Now Wave hip-pop tunes. Your power source since 2003.

*   *   *
pril 2003: Ronnie & Sarine head to Hollywood for their first appearances as The P.O.T.--and have the audiences singing along to their all-original tunes (weird, but impressive).

                                                                *   *   *

The P.O.T.’s:
Spun in Bay Area dance clubs
'Showcase' performance at Comcast Studios was recorded live & aired weekly for a month (February 2009)
'We Are Magick' was featured on Total Rock Radio after Ronnie & Sarine were interviewed by the legendary Malcolm Dome, live from London (2004)
London airplay of the mega-hit “We Are Magick” (2004) was subsequently ‘repeatedly requested’ throughout European countries (2007)
Got LA/Indie 103.1 airplay (2005)

Televised on San Francisco’s Reality Check TV, featuring a Haight Street Fair performance (2004)

Featured in Mick Mercer's "Music to Die For" (2010)

     Soon to be on DVD (with Babyland & EMA3, all captured live at The Smell in LA, Campaign for Care Blanket Benefit for the Homeless (2005)

     Appeared live in Malibu, Hollywood, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, including appearances at The Dume Room (9x!), The Garage, The Smell, Spaceland, The Canyon Club, The Roxy, The Cat Club, Zen, Goldfinger's, The Gig, Club Vodka, The Joint, Lennon Studios, Kimo's, The Cherry Bar & Lounge and the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Distributed innovatively on a ‘sliding scale‘ basis. What?! That’s right, The P.O.T. was the first to come up with a “pay what you like (or have)” policy for getting their music...
         That's right. If you're seeing hard financial times, pay what you can...if times are great, send a bunch of cash!
        The P.O.T.'s about making cool music, not the most money...and we like FREEDOM OF CHOICE, don't you?

   So yeah, if someone wants the music, they should be able to get it. Right? No money? No problem, you still get the tunes. And for those of who're rolling in it, if the music is something you're digging on and you want to make sure it keeps being created, what a cool and easy way to help make that happen (like the lady who sent $80 for the six song CD "6 x 2"...WAY appreciated!)... and it helps make it possible for the ones who're crying in the financial weeds to have the sounds too. So, bottom line, making money or not making money, making music is The Shit and everyone who wants it should have it...getting in the flow, right?


Where did The P.O.T. come from?
A Chrysalis  recording artist, Ron came from the “SeaHags” and has toured the US and Europe extensively, working with producer Mike Clink (on the SeaHags’ first release which debuted at 169 with a bullet on the Billboard charts), and receiving MTV notoriety with “Half the Way Valley” and live interviews. Ron also appeared on the covers of Kerrang!, Sounds, and NME.

A Venture Beyond Records and Resin Records recording artist, Sarine came from “universal black” as well as “The New Post-Modern Tribal Order”… touring in the US as well as overseas (most notably headlining “ECO-ROCK” a benefit for victims of Chernobyl on its 10th anniversary in Belarus; and "Inter-week” in Novosibirsk), Sarine also appeared in Mick Mercer’s “Hex Files: The Goth Bible”.